How To access the power that produces Healing Right now!

The Reality of Divine Healing

The reason many are sick today is because they are yet to see the reality of divine healing. God had always being in the business of healing His people. Just like it was in Jesus’ ministry and that of the early apostles, God still heals people today and you can be healed right now.

Here is a testimony as told by Kenneth E. Hagin that I believe will inspire you…

“A woman, who came for prayer in one of my meetings, had a purplish-looking malignant cancer on her face.I instructed her to say, “According to the Word of God, I am healed. I believe this cancer is healed.”

I told her, “According to the Word, it is healed. Go to bed saying it. Get up saying it. Say it sweeping the floor. Say it washing the dishes. Say it every time you think of it. I feel led of the Lord to tell you to do this for ten days.”

On the tenth day the telephone rang in our parsonage. This woman was on the other end of the line, but she was almost too excited to talk. Finally she managed to say, “The cancerous growth just came off my face! It has a lot of roots on it. It all came out, and there is no hole in my face. It is as smooth as a baby’s skin.”


He sent his word, and healed them… Psalm 107:20.

The word “sent” from the above scripture is a past tense, which means that the word that you need for your healing have been sent already. All you need right now is to receive this sent word and have your healing.

Please note that you don’t need all the scriptures on healing to be healed. From the story of the woman with the issue of blood in Luke 8:43-48, she only touched the boarder of Jesus’ garment and was healed. And we saw the centurion in Matthew 8:8, who got just one word from Jesus and his servant was instantly healed. One word from God is enough to terminate the deadliest disease.


How to receive His word for your healing

God’s word is the final authority on every issue of life, but many find it difficult to receive God’s word for their deliverance and as such their sickness/situation have refused to be healed. The power for healing/deliverance flows only when the word of God is received through the right channels (John 1:12). Let’s look at these channels;


  • Come to Him

God’s word has the power to terminate every form of sickness. However, God’s power only terminates the sickness of those who come to Him. Jesus Christ of Nazareth would have healed every sick person in his days on earth, had they come to Him.

This has nothing to do with going to a church, crusade or religious gatherings; it’s a function of total surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. There is no short-cut to receiving healing from God. Genuine salvation is the access, this you can and must do right now.

Other channels of receiving are an offshoot of this all important channel and they include;

  • Believing His word

It takes faith to have the manifestation of whatsoever the word of God says. Like Jesus would often affirm to everyone who desires a miracle – “be unto you according to your faith”; “your faith make thee whole” (Matthew 9:29). Every word of God on healing is worth believing.

  • Study the Bible and other anointed books on healing.

Where the mind goes, the body follows. A healthy mind will produce a healthy body. No wonder the Bible says in Pro 18:14[GNB] that “Your will to live can sustain you when you are sick, but if you lose it, your last hope is gone”. One of the secret of recovery from terminal illness is right attitude. But right attitude and countenance cannot be created in the absence of the words of life. Spending quality time in the word of God and with anointed books creates an atmosphere of impact for your bodily healing.

  • Attending a Healing service/school.

It may be optional for anyone seeking divine healing to attend a healing school, but it is strongly recommended. Divinely instituted healing schools are special atmosphere for the manifestation of God’s power. And it came to pass on a certain day, as he was teaching, that there were Pharisees and doctors of the law sitting by, which were come out of every town of Galilee, and Judaea, and Jerusalem: and the power of the Lord was present to heal them. Luk 5:17


Practical Steps to take right now (Activity time)

To receive your healing from God right now, I strongly encourage you to follow this steps.

  • Submit yourself to God (James 4:7-8)

A patient must submit himself/herself to the doctor before he/she can receive treatment, so also your absolute submission to God is the key to receiving His mercy and help.

  • I want you to take five (5) minutes out right now or latter (as convenient for you). Keep your mind focused on the truth that Jesus took whatever sickness you are facing right now, he took it over 2000 years ago. (Matt 8:17)
  • Quietly thank Him for taking your sickness away
  • Keep your mind focused on your healing, i.e. see yourself coming out of that sick-bed; walking out of that wheel chair; delivered from migraine, cancer and whatever you may be suffering from right now.
  • Ask God to release His healing power through the Holy Spirit into your affected body right now.
  • Reach out for God’s healing power by faith and begin to exercise your faith by attempting to do things you couldn’t do before.
  • Praise Him qualitatively for your healing.

(Practice this for 7 (seven) consecutive days and you will see the hand of God)

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