The highest form of honour any man can receive is the privilege of serving God. Though some people know this, but they failed because they don’t know how to serve God. In recent times, men have developed ways through which they think they might serve God. But I want you to know that serving God is not the design of men. It’s initiated and designed by God Himself.

This is what the Bible says; “…Yes, a time is coming when the one who kills you will think he is serving God. They will do this because they have not known the Father or Me.” (Joh 16:2-3 ISV1). Religious extremists are killing people all over the world today, believing they are doing it to serve God. That is how far the devil has gone in his deception. Even some men who were anointed of God have turned themselves into things to be worshiped and as medium of service to God.

Jesus said; “If anyone serves me, he must follow me. And where I am, there my servant will also be. If anyone serves me, the Father will honor him.” (Joh 12:26 ISV1). The only way to serve God is to follow Him. Following God confers on you His presence at all times and it keeps you in absolute dominion over the affairs of life. To follow God means you are listening to Him and doing what He says in accurate agreement with the Bible.

You can be forgiven and live above sins if you will make up your mind to follow Jesus. Make this day a turning point in your life as you hand-over your life completely to follow Jesus. You are created to serve God. I urge you to surrender your life to Him today, tomorrow may be too late. Those who die serving God have the hope of eternal life and honour to be where God is. This is your moment for salvation. Pray this prayer with me now;

Lord Jesus, come into my life, I accept you today as my Lord and Saviour. Wash me with your precious blood and forgive me my sins. I decide to follow and serve You from today forward. Help me to please you in Jesus name. Amen

If you prayed this prayer, I welcome you into the family of God. To consistently follow God, you must study and meditate on the word of God as written in the Bible daily. Locate a Bible church and fellowship with other believers. May the Lord uphold you.

1 International Standard Version

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