Do you know it’s a high level of insanity that makes people do the same thing repeatedly and expect different result? As long as you keep living consistently in a certain way, you will keep getting the same result. But if you want to see an improvement in your life, you’ve got to start doing things in a different way.

Complacency is one deadly virus that is holding many people in stagnation. As long as your life is subject to a routine, you cannot experience any change in the result you’ve been getting. Advancement is a product of force, which is the reason why the bible clarifies it that the violent ones are taking the kingdom by force. It is your responsibly to press towards the mark of your breakthrough.

If you must witness God’s glory in your life, you’ve got to change the way you do things: you’ve got to change the way and manner in which you give your tithes and offering to witness a financial overflow; Your prayer life must change for you to subdue your enemies; And your faith level must increase through consistent and effective study and meditation on the word of God for your dominion to be established.

It’s time to start believing God for those things which are humanly impossible. Engage the power of the Holy Spirit in your quest for a change of level. Get desperate and determined to go God’s way and your profiting shall appear for all to see. Shalom.

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