Stepping – up to Higher Levels

One of the greatest desires of everyman is the desire for change. Though most people see this urge as something that should be ignored or suppressed, a selected few maximize it to their advantage. Those who ignore their inbuilt desire/urge for change often live irrelevant life while those who fan their urge for change into obsession often become those to be reckoned with in every generation.

Your urge for change is normal. It is abnormal for anyone to kill his/her urge/desire for change.  It takes change for a child to become an adult; it is change that makes a wealthy man out of a pauper. When the quest for change is suppressed, regression becomes the order of the day.

Your desire for change must be given attention for you to move from one level to another. Those who will step-up to higher heights are those who see change as what must be pursued. God’s expectation for everyman is that, he changes from one level to another.

One of the signs that characterize the urge for change is dissatisfaction. If you are satisfied with what you have, where you are and what you are doing; you can never experience greater heights. Great inventions are products of a high level dissatisfaction. Today, man could fly across the Atlantic, because he was dissatisfied with slow means of transportation. Maximizing your desire for change is your ladder to greater heights.

There is next-level for everyone: A millionaire might want to be a billionaire; someone sick might want to be healed; a young lady wants to be married; and many more. There is a place that is better and comfortable than where you are now. Even if you are rich, you can be richer and if you are healthy, you can be stronger. That is what I called, “stepping-up to higher levels”.

I have not stated all these to raise your hope in vain, but to show you the way that makes higher heights possible. Whatever the purpose of God for life, there is a pathway that leads you there. The force of God is the power that can lift a man from lower levels to higher level and sustain you there. Other ways can lift, but cannot sustain your lifting.

Apostle Paul to the Corinthians wrote “As all of us reflect the glory of the Lord with unveiled faces, we are becoming more like him with ever-increasing glory by the Lord’s Spirit.” (2Co 3:18 ISV). We must be in constant move from one level to another towards becoming what God wants us to be. But this is only possible by the help of the Spirit of the Lord. The Spirit of God is the Force that you need to change levels at such a great speed. It takes absolute surrender to encounter the help of the Holy Spirit.

On a final note, God changes us so that we can change our world. Every positive growth a child of God experience is an advantage to the world. We must desire a change from where we are to a greater height as we radiate the image of God’s dear Son, Jesus; so that the world can experience the power of God. Don’t celebrate stagnation anymore; move on to a better life God has created for you. Shalom.

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