Appreciating the Grace of God

Its Grace Time

Grace is a major gift from God and most importantly, the access to all other blessings. But it cannot be enjoyed if it’s not appreciated “Appreciating the Grace of God” will surely deepen your relationship with God and deliver to your hand unlimited riches stored up in heavenly places by Christ Jesus.

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About the Book

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ came to man through the most risky and unimaginable way – the death of the begotten of the father. It was the best thing that heaven could offer to man, even at a time when man was lost in sin. There have never being a gift that cost God much as grace. Everything that makes Him God was invested in the formulation that makes up this grace. It was a very highly valued gift which must be jealously girded by anyone who is privilege to receive it.
Available in this piece are virtues that were born out of the need for those who have been saved by grace to view it as an avenue to get addicted to God in righteousness and not to use it as an excuse for lawlessness. Every time you sin, the grace of God is being disregarded and God is displeased. But you can make God and heaven rejoice over you at all times by knowing how to appreciate this grace.

Genres: Christian Living, Inspirational
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Publisher: Smashwords
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781370063178

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