The Wind of Revival is blowing already…

God told me in Dec 2011 that, He is bringing a wind of revival on the land which will touch every family and that He is sending me to undertake this task.

The stage is set for the church (body of Christ) and the world to experience this wind of revival.

God will yet be proud of the church like He was for Job (Job 1:8)


Let your church, country, community, organization and family experience this wind.

  • There shall be teaching sessions on discovering and fulfilling your purpose
  • There shall be bodily healing through specialized Healing Schools
  • There shall be Baptism in the Holy Ghost
  • And lots more.


We have received it freely and freely we give (Matt 10:8)

We believe God to cover our expenses as we take the gospel round the world.

God expects excellent service

We teach how to serve God by practically showing people

  • How to discover their purpose
  • How to recognize their God given ability
  • How to make profit for God with their calling/gifting
  • How to receive healing and live in total health. (sickness is a strategy of the devil to make you unproductive)
  • How to put a touch of excellence on all that we do.


…Raising the end time army of the Lord


To have a live experience in your church or organization,

Contact us.

True Vine Resource Ministry a.k.a. Tosin Adeola Ministries Int’l