Diversified offerings: Enlarging your coast, Doing more for the Kingdom

Diversified offerings mean spreading your giving into many places. It is what the Bible renders as scattering (Prov 11:24)

The bottom line here is; don’t take all your money to the church!

We have diversities of operations in the body of Christ, so also as believers, we need to give in a diversified way.

1Co 12:6 KJV says “and there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all”.

In the new testament church, what we have are diversities of operations i.e. several ministries.

It is God’s will that we have them for the perfecting of the saints and edification of the body of Christ. (Ephesian 4:12)

So, God expect us to also support these diversities of operations with our offerings.

It is wrong to concentrate your giving to only one place. Every ministry out there doing God’s work deserve our support. Not only the church.

Not our support to feed their family, most of them are doing well taking care of their families. But these ministries need our support to reach many for God.

Many people have been saved by watching faith-based movies. Some have been healed by listening to anointed songs and so on. There are people helping the orphans. We have Christians in science who are inventing things that will benefit lives of people in positive ways.

All of these diversities of operations need our support. Our giving must be extended to them. We can’t leave them to be at the mercy of the anti-Christ who will want them to compromise before helping them.

Pastors should teach their members to not only give at church but outside the church.

When we don’t support ministries outside the church, we miss out from the fruits they produce.

You will not have access to soul lifting music, spiritual movies and so on. Your children will not have Godly role models to look up to.

We have so far helped the people in the five-fold ministry fulfil their assignment by our tithes and offerings, but we have neglected other forms of ministries that are also affecting lives for God.

We have failed to help the people in the creative industry to reach more lives for God. We have neglected the singers and leave them to struggle to reach a few and sometimes allow them to compromise. We have also neglected the drama ministers; we fail to realize that while we refuse to promote them, we indirectly hand over the stage to the children of darkness.

As we promote the works that our pastors, apostles, teachers, evangelists and prophets are doing, lets do more by promoting other ministries especially the creative industry. 

Do you know that your children watch cartoons that teach them wrong things about God and life? These animations are sponsored by people who don’t have regard for God and many of them are available for free all over the media space.

The question is, why can’t we have many godly animations and movies flooding the media space? Are there no genuine Christians that are proficient in making animations?

Here is the answer;

We have many Christians that do very well at creating bible-based animations that is up to date and which will keep your children steadfast in their faith to God. But what we don’t have are willing supporters who will be the wheels and wings that will promote them.

The same is true for all other forms of creations that have been channeled towards the expansion of God’s kingdom. They are failing because we have failed to join force with them.

My call is for a change in our attitude. Let’s start giving to them. Let’s promote their work by our offerings. Let’s use our influence to project these ministries to the world so that the lives God intended them to affect will be reached.

Lastly, here is a general way by which everyone of us should diversify our giving

  • The local church.

Every believer must belong to a local church if possible and be a committed giver there. You must see to it that the local church succeeds by supporting it with your offerings.

  • The poor

Every believer must have the poor in their budget. Not the one you give to your church to do on your behalf. Am saying you need to do it by yourself directly.

The poor cannot help themselves and God meets their needs when you give to them.

  • Your area of interests

This third way of giving is very important. If you want to see more quality songs produced, you need to support those who are in the music ministry. The same applies to other areas of your interest.

You can’t expect much from such ministries if you fail to support them.

You want to have a vacation in a godly environment with your family, there are believers in the hospitality industry who needs your support.

I pray that God will grant us the grace to yield this call in Jesus name.

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