Locating the Kingdom of God

The word of Jesus that we should seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness … (Matt 6:33) is a call to a world full of adventure. A world of adventure is a world full of great discoveries: some expected and some absolute mystery that are unimaginable. Jesus said, “it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of Heaven … Matt 13:11.

The Kingdom of God is a kingdom full of mysteries, it is a journey of a lifetime. It is no mistake that the master Himself ask us to seek first His Kingdom, for those who seek the kingdom of God first will never have time to seek any other thing as second. Also in the parable of the sower, Jesus explains that those who seek first the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches will easily be chocked out of the kingdom (Matt 13:22).

But we speak God’s wisdom in a mystery, even the wisdom that hath been hidden, which God foreordained before the worlds unto our glory:

 But as it is written, Things which eye saw not, and ear heard not, And which entered not into the heart of man, Whatsoever things God prepared for them that love him.  1Cor 2:7-9

There are bundles of mysteries in the kingdom that even your entire lifetime here on earth is limited to discover them. No wonder the bible says “the secret things belongs to God… (Deut 29:29). But glory to God, for packaging this mysteries in His word and delivering it to us in a book (The Bible). The bible contains the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. It is the map of the kingdom and the only reliable guide to discovering the treasures of the kingdom.

In Psalm 25:2, the Bible says, “It is the glory of God to hide things but the glory of kings to investigate them”. No wonder Revelation 5:10 justifies it this way, “And hast made us unto our God kings and priest: and we shall reign on the earth”. There are mysteries of the kingdom concealed by God that He has given you the honour to search them out. And until you search it out, your reign on earth is not guaranteed. Outside the kingdom of God, there is no future for you.

If your ambition, aspiration or dream is not in line with God’s word, then, I tell you that, you are in a journey to another kingdom. This has nothing to do with your title of office in the church. There are many so called Christian whose dreams and plans are contradictory to the plans and purpose of God. This one thing you should know; that if you ever choose to seek the kingdom of God first, I can assure you will never have to seek any other thing again.

Allow the word of God to light your path (Ps 119:105). Scrutinize every intention of your heart whether they are lining up with kingdom agenda. Don’t hesitate to discard ay project or offer that is not profitable to the kingdom. By doing this, you will retain and sustain your place in the heart of God.

Thy word have I hid in my heart that I may not sin against thee. Ps 119:11

You need the word of God in your heart to remain in the kingdom. Every day of your life is your opportunity to press on in your adventure into the mysteries of this kingdom using this map (The word). Ask God to open your eyes of understanding (Ephe 1:18) that you may behold wondrous things out of His word (Ps 119:18). I welcome you to a journey into an everlasting kingdom, its time to seek the Lord. May God grant you deeper understanding. Amen

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