Each one of us is a product of a family, whether immediate of extended. We acquire many things from our family that is having both positive and negative impact on our lives. In fact, most people wish they had a better family lineage than the current one they have. Because the one they have is either engulf with demonic oppression, poverty, crisis or misfortune. The mystery of the whole thing is that nobody has the privilege or ability to choose which family to be born into. But I have good news for you.

You may not be able to determine which family to belong, but you can determine what happens to you and generations after you. Even if you come from a family that is neck-deep in occultism, you can break the link and liberate generations after you. One of the Biblical examples of this order of liberation is Abraham. He was born into a family that worship idol, but he met God and that encounter cause a generational transformation. (Read Genesis 12-18).

The best way to make a generational impact is to raise a family for God. But you cannot raise such family without a genuine encounter with God. It is the God you know that you can introduce to your descendants. I like you to surrender your life to God today and let Him build in you the capacity to raise a generation of giants that will make impact on earth.

Joshua the great leader that led Israel to the Promised Land said “… as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15b). You have a duty to God to raise a generation that will serve Him. You are not on earth for yourself, the life you live will have impact on those coming after you. You may not have the opportunity to know or have the love of a father or mother, but let your children know and receive your love.
Start a family after God by making God your Father from today. He will change you and give you His wisdom to raise a godly and responsible family.

Go to God in prayer right now; ask Him to forgive you of your past. Ask Him to wash you with the blood of Jesus and give you His Spirit. Ask Him for wisdom and believe that you have received it. It’s a brand new day for you.

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