Overcoming the perilious times

With every year that rolls by, it should keep us more aware that the end of everything is at hand. It doesn‘t matter what you say or believe about it, Jesus will come back (in the physical) according to the scripture (Act 1:10-11). The scriptures made it clear that in the last days, perilous times will come. This will be evident by men being lovers of their own selves… (1Tim 3:1). We have seen this happening today and the church is not spared in that some believers and even preachers are fallen victim of this evil trend. Men and women are trailing their interest at the expense of kingdom mission.

But while this goes on, the Creator of the whole world and the Head of the church has a plan for His people: this is package in His word. He has gone ahead of us to prepare a place for us; that where He is, we can be there also (John 14:3). But where He is, is holy and no unclean thing can enter into it. This is the reason He gave us word of His grace, Which has the ability to build us and give us an inheritance among the saints (Act 20:32). This is the way of the Kingdom of God.

You can escape the perils of this perilous time, by taking heed to how you hear and interpret the word of God. Let me commend you to these words of Paul in 2Tim 3:14-15. “But Continue thou in the Things which thou hast leaned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them”

Note: It is very important that you exercise caution on where you hear the word of God from and how you interpret it. “And from a child thou hast known the Holy scripture, which are able to make tee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus”.

It is my prayer for you that every word of God that will come your way this year shall make you

wise unto salvation. Remain blessed!!!

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