Preparing for a fulfilled destiny

For you to succeed in that which God has called you to do there must be a conscious preparation. You must be conscious of what God has called you to do and you must consciously seek-out sources where the learning material are located and go for them.
We must make use of all divinely programmed opportunities to learn. Jesus was in the temple for three days learning from the spiritual leaders of His day. No wonder He finished His work within a short time. No matter how great your calling or vision may be, if you fail to learn, you have set yourself up for failure.
It will interest you to know that Jesus was not found on the farm trying to learn farming. Neither was He found among the tax collectors learning about tax. He was found about His Father’s business which is Preaching and Teaching of the word of God.
The frustration of many lives is in minding other people’s God ordained businesses. To discover God’s business for your life and learning from right sources on how to fulfill it is the sure way to pleasing God.
Parents should be told to train-up their children in the way they are supposed to go (Prov 22:6). Not the way their parents wants, but the way designed by God for them to go. Many parents are training their children in a wrong way. It is wrong to bring up a child in a way contrary to his/her purpose. Jesus’ parents were instrumental to the fulfillment of what He was on earth to do – they brought Him to the temple.
Success in life comes when you are going about your purpose every day. Our mind needs to be developed through learning to absorb in full all that God purposed us to be.

Credits: Minding God’s Business by Tosin Adeola
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