Right and Wrong Choices

The journey of life has two destinations – success or failure. It is our choices rather than fate that determines what the end of every man’s journey will be. Most people believe that “what will be, will be”, which is not true. The truth is this; what will be, will only be, if the steps that will make it happen are taken by men.

Right decisions or choices lead to success in whatever you are venturing into while wrong choices will lead to failure no matter how viable the idea or venture may be. People don’t end up in heaven or hell by chance; they end up in either place by their choices. Anyone that will end up eternally in heaven with God must choose to forsake sin and accept Jesus and be born again.

Many marriages have ended up in divorce because of wrong choices. Sometimes, separation or divorce may not be a result of wrong choice of spouses but choice of wrong words, actions and behaviour by right people in relationship. Whenever spouses decide to choose wrong words and attitudes at solving their marital differences, they create the road to crisis and separation in their relationships.

As it affects marriage; it also affects career, finances and health. Failure to make right choices when expected will drive anyone to an undesirable future. Start taking steps to make right choices today

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