Diversified offerings mean spreading your giving into many places. It is what the Bible renders as scattering (Prov 11:24) The bottom line here is; don’t take all your money to the church! We have diversities of operations in the body of Christ, so also as believers, we need to give in a diversified way. 1Co 12:6 KJV says “and there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all”. In the new testament church, what we have are diversities of operations i.e. several ministries. It is God’s will that we have them for the perfecting of the saints andRead More →

You have been taught that, the doorway to financial prosperity is giving. A lot of teaching out there, links financial prosperity to tithes, offerings and other forms of sacrificial giving. Some even link your financial breakthrough to who you give to and where you give at. And the worst part has to do with some questionable acts of extortion during altar calls that promises you financial breakthrough if you give certain amount. But in all of these, my question is, why are people not getting richer. Why do you need to give and give and continue giving to access financial prosperity? If financial prosperity comesRead More →