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A church is a spiritual organization ordained by God to be an assembly of saints where believers are equipped and edified through the operation of various ministry gifts. (1Cor 12:28)

Though we as individuals are the church of Jesus Christ with Jesus as our Head (Ephe 5:23), it’s God’s plan that we operate as a United entity which is called the church of God.

But today, we have many gatherings calling themselves churches but which have deviated completely from God’s original plan to His church. A church is intended by God to be a place where you are built and shaped to become who God wants you to be.

What I will be showing you is a list of churches you should stop going.

The Bible says that by their fruits you shall know them. (Luke 6:44)

So, without mentioning the names of any church, the following fruits that I will be listing are enough for you to know if you need to get out of your current church.

  1. Churches that lay too much emphasis on money

There is nothing wrong with the collection of offerings in any church. But it becomes a crime when leaders use unholy means to extort their members.

Like sales of prayer materials, miracle money claims, and so on.

You cannot grow to become who God wants you to be in such an environment.

The Bible describes them in (Php 3:19 KJV) that their God is their belly because they mind earthly things.)

  • Churches led by ministers who threaten their members with curses.

God’s ministers are commissioned to bless not to curse. There is no amount of provocation that should make a church leader curse his followers. (Rom 12:14)

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Attending such gatherings will keep you in perpetual bondage and hinder your progress in life.

  • Churches that condone worldliness.

The Bible warned us not to love the world or things in the world. (1John 2:15)

Worldliness is a system evident in works of the flesh.

Though the door of churches should be open to sinners, but it should not be dominated by sin.

If your church is not confronting sinful acts, it’s condoning it and it’s time for you to relocate

  • Churches that is no longer supporting your spiritual growth.

One major reason for going or belonging to a church is for spiritual growth through the preaching of the word and prayer.

If you go to church and return without being challenged to a better life, it’s time to relocate.

  • Churches who do not believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues.

You need the Holy to grow and praying in the Holy Spirit i.e. speaking in tongues is a great way to be edified. (1Cor 14:4)

So, attending a church that denies this great gift of God will be a minus to your destiny.

  • Churches that do not believe in the Holy communion.

Jesus instituted the communion before the end of His ministry on earth and commanded us to do it in His remembrance. (1Cor 11:24-25)

The early church recorded the daily breaking of bread from house to house. (Act 2:46)

Jesus said in Joh 6:53 that If you don’t eat His flesh and drink His blood, you don’t have the source of life in you.

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So, if you are attending a church that denies this, it’s time to relocate.

  • Churches that magnify the devil and his works.

If your going to church increases your fear instead of faith. Relocate.

Don’t continue going to a church that keeps telling you what the devil is going to do to you (Whether through prophecy or other means) without establishing yourself in the word of God.

God has given you the power to tread on snakes and scorpions and over all the powers of the enemy (Luke 10:19)

Finally, I like you to understand that you have only one life to live. So, endeavor to live it well. You have the right to belong to the church of your choice. So, choose wisely through the help of the Holy Spirit.

I encourage you to add yours to the list using the comment section.

Remain blessed


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