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How to love God with your money

Have you ever thought of loving God with your money? Yes! you have given to God, but what about loving

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You Have a Place in God’s Agenda

You were created to make God’s agenda work! You were not created to do what you want, but what God

God over money: the choice you must make

In a world where people are ruled by their needs and desires, the choice of money over God has become

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The highly productive life

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Power of insight

In a world where people fight for prominence, your strongest weapon is insight. Insightful people don’t struggle for prominence because they make

Healer’s Touch

Tosin Adeola

A Voice of Change

Am a Husband & father, Apostle, Teacher, conference speaker, Televangelist, writer, Publisher, President @ True Vine Resource Ministry and above all- Jesus addict

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