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Growing in Your Calling: Understanding the Principle of Divine Enlargement

God’s plan for your life is one of continual growth and enlargement, especially when you faithfully fulfill the calling He

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Consciously Preparing for Your Divine Calling: 6 Keys to Success

In life, success is not a random occurrence. It requires deliberate effort, preparation, and alignment with one’s purpose. If you

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The Perfect work of Patience

Our service to God is a continuous journey, not a final destination. It’s a path marked by faith and patience,

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The highly productive life

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The Power of Singleness of Purpose in Fulfilling Your Divine Calling

Have you ever pondered the immense power behind a life lived with a singular purpose? There’s an incredible synergy, an alignment with

Healer’s Touch

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Divine Healing Unveiled: 3 Steps to embracing the Word of God as Your Ultimate Medicine

In the journey toward complete health, discovering the profound healing potential within the Word of God becomes not just a choice but

Tosin Adeola

A Voice of Change

Am a Husband & father, Apostle, Teacher, conference speaker, Televangelist, writer, Publisher, President @ True Vine Resource Ministry and above all- Jesus addict

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