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Believe it or not, the church holds the potential to dominate essential human sectors before Christ’s return. This optimism hinges on one crucial factor: the readiness of the church to embrace its responsibilities. As members of Christ’s body, it is important to know that we aren’t fully occupying these realms, but a re-awakening remains both possible and achievable. Below lie key sectors where the church’s influence should reign in the days to come.

Economy: Shifting Perspectives

Controlling the economy means holding sway over the city’s direction and influence. “The one who controls the economy controls the city”. If the church fails to step forward and guide the course of the world’s economy, the adversary (satan) will manipulate it to our detriment. It’s a critical juncture demanding a shift in our perspectives. We must cease living at the mercy of those who don’t embrace our faith. However, it’s paramount to understand that the pursuit of prosperity isn’t solely for selfish desires but to advance the kingdom’s cause. As the apostle John writes, true prosperity should spring forth from a soul redeemed and aligned with God’s principles (3 John 1:2). It’s high time we reframe our understanding of prosperity, embracing it as a means to advance the Kingdom of God, rather than merely personal gain.

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Music and Film: Creating Authentic Impact

The church, regrettably, has turned a blind eye to the music and film industry, resulting in minimal impact. It is disconcerting to witness gospel artists imitating secular trends, for this should raise significant concern among us. Let us remember that Jesus captivated attention not through imitation but by performing miraculous wonders. The world, quite understandably, rejects counterfeits; it yearns for authenticity. To truly make an enduring impact, it necessitates nothing short of the kind of creativity that stems directly from God Himself.

Politics: Changing the Landscape

Far too long, the church has stood back, allowing politics to fall into the hands of those devoid of godly values. The time has come for a paradigm shift, embracing God’s perspective and reshaping the ungodly ideologies entrenched within the political realm. It is imperative that we become as wise as serpents, navigating shrewdly, yet coupled with the gentleness of doves. We are called to lead without forsaking or compromising our faith, standing firm in our convictions while steering political pathways toward righteousness.

Education: Advancing Accessibility and Innovation

The church’s impact in education stands commendable; however, there remains an opportunity to enhance affordability and accessibility further. Embracing thinking that mirrors the attributes of God has the potential to cultivate innovators within our educational institutions. Such individuals, with minds fashioned in the likeness of God, have the capacity to pioneer advancements in technology, thereby shaping and pushing the boundaries of technological frontiersTop of Form.

Media: Redefining Representation

Christian media frequently finds itself entangled in competitiveness and denominational divisions. What we truly need are impartial voices that stand apart, serving as a counter to the noise of the adversary. These voices should bring hope through their reporting, offering a perspective steeped in godly principles. What’s more, reality shows should emerge from a divine standpoint, showcasing values and narratives that align with God’s truth, providing a beacon of hope amid a world saturated with noise and confusion.

Fashion: Embracing Godly Trends

Church leaders frequently mirror the fashion norms of the world, but it’s time for a change. Those who think in alignment with godly principles have the power to lead the way in setting fashion trends. We don’t require guidance from the world; although we live in this world, our standards are not determined by it. It’s entirely plausible to have fashion that resonates with God’s values—attire that embodies modesty, decency, and integrity without compromising our beliefs.


The world was never intended for the dominion of the devil. The church possesses the authority to reclaim it. Let there be no deception; the kingdoms belong to our Lord, as written in Revelation 11:15. We, as kings and priests, have a divine destiny to reign on earth, as stated in Revelation 5:10. The time has come to instigate transformation and embrace our rightful reign in this world.


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