The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it. (Psa 68:11 KJV)

Every revelation from God is meant to be published on rooftops. Jesus said, “What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops” (Matt 10:27 KJV).

We welcome you to join the league of those who publish God’s word through TRACT distribution. No matter who you are or what you do for a living, you can be involved.

What to know

There is a reward God showed me about Tract distributors in Joh 4:36 KJV  “And he that reapeth receiveth wages, and gathereth fruit unto life eternal: that both he that soweth and he that reapeth may rejoice together.”

God is the one, who pays those who publish the word. Your labour cannot be in vain doing this task for the kingdom.

Testimonies: Tracts are proven to work. History records the testimony of many who were saved through tracts.

– Dr. Oswald J. Smith said, The only way to carry out the Great Commission will be by the means of the printed page.

– Rev. Billy Graham said, Nothing surpasses a tract for sowing the seed of the Good News.

– The Apostle Paul said, I might by any means save some.

– George Whitefield, a preacher of the Great Awakening, was saved by a Gospel tract? After reading it he wrote, “God showed me I must be born again or be damned.

– Hudson Taylor The great missionary to China, was also saved by reading a tract.

– Greg Koukl founder of Stand to Reason, God even used a Gospel tract as the tool that led him to Christ. He has stated that “some brave soul” put it in the bottom of his grocery bag while he was checking out.

– Joey Hancock of the American Tract Society said, Fifty-three percent of all who come to Christ worldwide come through the use of printed gospel literature. If we really care about the eternal salvation of those around us, how could we not carry tracts everywhere we go?

– Charles Spurgeon said on the use of tracts: I well remember distributing them in a town in England where tracts had never been distributed before, and going from house to house, and telling in humble language the things of the kingdom of God. I might have done nothing, if I had not been encouraged by finding myself able to do something . . . [Tracts are] adapted to those persons who have but little power and little ability, but nevertheless, wish to do something for Christ. They may not have the tongue of the eloquent, but they may have the hand of the diligent, They cannot stand and preach, but they can stand and distribute here and there these silent preachers.

– Robert Murray M’Cheyne The smallest tract may be the stone in David’s sling. In the hands of Christ it may bring down a giant’s soul.

– Arthur Unknown; I look upon the giving away of a religious tract as only the first step for action not to be compared with many another deed done for Christ; but were it not for the first step we might never reach to the second, but that first attained, we are encouraged to take another, and so at the last . . . There is a real service of Christ in the distribution of the gospel in its printed form, a service the result of which heaven alone shall disclose, and the judgment day alone discover. How many thousands have been carried to heaven instrumentally upon the wings of these tracts, none can tell.

From Soul-Winning with tracts:

From Bro. Jerry Alford TEAM Director; It was a tract God used to save me; when I got saved there was no one around to explain God`s word to me, there was no great preacher there to help me understand God`s word, I wasn`t in church, and hadn`t been in years, I was a lost truck driver who needed salvation and a Christian thank God someone handed me a gospel tract that I put in my duffle bag, when I got home a few weeks later while lying in bed I remembered that tract I went and got it, and after reading it I realized I was a sinner and deserved hell, that Jesus had paid my sin debt, and all I had to do was by faith believe the gospel and put my trust in Jesus alone as the payment for my sins, that night I prayed trusted Jesus as my personal Saviour and Jesus saved me. Thank God for that silent preacher, and the Christian that handed it to me.   


  • A tract can be used without fear, and tracts require no conversation so, many of the fears of evangelism most Christians experience are bypassed with tracts.
  • A tract never argues back when it`s message is disputed, and it always sticks to the truth.
  • A tract glorifies only Jesus as the Holy Spirit reveals the Word of God to its readers.
  • A tract can get inside a house and stay there, even in secret places where you cannot gain entrance, to be revealed at a chosen time.
  • Sending missionaries and Christian workers around the globe costs unbelievable amounts of money. At pennies apiece, tracts are able to spread around the world in an economical way that doesn’t drain the resources of the Church.
  • You may not be able to sit across from a governor’s desk or an emperor’s throne, but a tract has every possibility of ending up in such a place.
  • Even if you hand a tract to someone who never looks at it, the possibility is there that they might leave it accessible to someone else.
  • A tract may be read by scores of people before God is finished with its purpose.

Tracts are a great way for Christians to fulfill the Great Commission by sharing the Gospel often and widely.


  • Carry them with you everywhere.
  • Pray, and ask God to put you in the right place to leave or hand out at the right time, handing the right message to the right person. He will do it. Without the power and presence of God in our efforts, they are useless. But with His help, the simple act of handing over a piece of paper can change the world.
  • Don’t use tracts that you haven’t read. Make sure to study the message (and all referenced Scriptures) so you are familiar with what you are distributing.
  • Leave them where they can be found, but don’t litter and obey all local ordinances
  • Hand them to people, you’d be surprised how many tracts you can give away in a short period of time by standing in a populated area and extending your hand without a word. Some will take them and some won’t, but don’t be discouraged. You’ve got to work through some “no’s” to see some “yes’s.”
  • Smile and talk to people, Be friendly. Don’t force tracts on people and don’t be rude when someone turns down your tract. Some of the easiest ways to introduce the tracts is to say: Have you seen one of these; Can I share this with you; Can I give you something; Can I give you something good to read; Are you saved, if you died today would you go to heaven.
  • Engage in conversation, hand them a tract and tell them your story. Testimonies change lives.
    Offer to Pray with people, ask them Is there anything I can pray for you about.” Sometimes this is exactly what a person needs; give them tract when you leave.
  • Don’t use bad tracts. Make sure they contain the true Gospel message

Spread the good news