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Every child of God is destined for a life that leaves others marveling at the results they produce. The anticipation of the world awaits the manifestation of the sons of God, as Romans 8:19 beautifully articulates. Living an average life as a Christian is an insult to the potential within you. Your results ought to astound the world around you, for it is through the realization and maximization of our divine identity that the ideal world can become a reality.

Sons Reflect Their Father

Sons naturally reflect the characteristics of their fathers, and as a Christian, your life should mirror God’s attributes effortlessly, much like Jesus demonstrated. Manifesting God in every sphere of influence becomes imperative. Consider Adam, referenced as a son of God in Luke 3:38. His immediate actions upon creation exemplify this truth. Naming all the animals and tending the garden occurred effortlessly before the fall. Sonship to God erases struggle from your life; just as dogs do not struggle to bark, a child of God should not struggle to produce remarkable results. The world eagerly awaits our manifestation (Romans 8:19).

Thinking Like God

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David, a man after God’s heart (Acts 13:22), faced Goliath with a clear understanding of what to do. Such individuals think in alignment with God, possessing the capacity to initiate on His behalf. They refuse to let the enemy take the lead but instead take the battle to their adversaries’ gates.

Aligned Thinking Leads to Action

While we cannot function independently of God, aligning our thinking with His enables us to act according to His will effortlessly. In Exodus 14:15, God expected Moses to take action instead of crying out to Him. Often, people wait for divine intervention when God expects them to step forward. A spiritual and creative mind takes steps approved by God, allowing the world to witness the supernatural nature of God through their actions.

Activating the Mind of Christ

When Jesus fed the multitude, He didn’t cry out in helplessness but tapped into the power available to create something from nothing. His manifestation of Sonship stemmed from His activated mind, knowing exactly what to do while the disciples were confused (John 6:6). Likewise, activating the mind of Christ within us through creative thinking enables us to manifest as sons of God.

Sent as Representatives

Jesus tells us in John 20:21 that just as He was sent by God the Father, He now sends us. This means we’re supposed to represent Jesus in the same way He showed Himself to the world more than 2000 years ago. Remember how people saw hand of God in the life of Paul and Barnabas in Acts 14:11? In the same way, the world should see the very nature and power of God in us, recognizing the presence of God within us, just like they did with them. Our lives should reflect the goodness and love of Jesus so that others can see His light shining through us.

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Manifesting sonship means living a life that reflects the character of God effortlessly, initiating change, and impacting the world around you. It involves thinking and acting in alignment with God’s will, letting His supernatural power work through you to produce astounding results. It’s time for you to embrace your divine identity and let the world marvel at the manifestation of the sons of God through your life.


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