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Have you realized the extraordinary capacity within you to initiate for God, to create and take steps that align with His divine approval? Being created in God’s likeness, you possess an incredible capacity to initiate for God. This entails taking steps or creating things that align with God’s approval—a truth that often remains obscured within many Christian circles. This limited understanding restrains individuals to lead ordinary lives, oblivious to the profound depth of their inherent potential. Consider what God meant when He proclaimed, “I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High” (Psa 82:6 KJV). Every child of God embodies a divine essence on Earth, possessing a creativity akin to God Himself.

Realizing Potential: The Journey from Potential to Actualization

Much like the lion cub that matures into a mighty lion over time, you are akin to a potential god-in-the-making awaiting the maturation process. The distance between God’s potential and a Christian primarily lies in the investment of time. Jesus proclaimed, “I and My Father are one” (John 10:30), not as an innate status but as a result of dedicating the necessary time to grow into that divine alignment. Contrary to misconceptions, Jesus entered the world just like us, undergoing both spiritual and physical growth for 30 years to reach the full stature of God. “And Jesus increased in wisdom (in broad and full understanding) and in stature {and} years, and in favor with God and man” (Luke 2:52 AMP).

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The Power of Growth: Unlocking Impact through Spiritual Advancement

The pivotal reason many Christians fall short of impactful living is the absence of substantial growth. While physical growth is evident, spiritual growth often lags behind. Your level of growth directly correlates with your standing in the creative realm. Consider the reaction of the crowd in John 6:10-15 witnessing the miraculous feeding of 5,000 with minimal resources. Their astonishment led them to consider making Jesus their king—a testament to the kind of God-like results we ought to produce, attainable through growth into His likeness.

Mindset and Meditation: Harnessing the Creative Power within You

In our pursuit of a robust prayer life, we’ve inadvertently sidelined the significance of profound thinking. Prayer, a potent force, is birthed from quality, God-like thinking. Understand that prayer should yield tangible results, not merely fulfil an obligation. Faith, a crucial component for answered prayers, stems from the mind—a product of deep meditation on God’s word (Rom 10:17, Josh 1:8). While prayer is impactful, it alone cannot foster growth. True growth materializes through quality time spent contemplating God’s word, guided by the Holy Spirit, leading to a God-like existence.

Fruits of Spiritual Growth: Actualizing God-like Creations

While prayer might secure a job, lasting ventures necessitate God-inspired thoughts. Acquiring the gifts of the Holy Spirit through prayer might propel you into prominence, yet cultivating the fruits of the Spirit mandates meditation on God’s word. Jesus’ growth journey exemplifies this truth—we, too, must evolve to accomplish significant deeds for God. The dormant nature of God within you remains until you embark on the path of spiritual maturity. Initiating for God necessitates growing into the full stature of His likeness.

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The Pathway to Initiating for God

In realizing the truth of being “gods” on this Earth, children of the most High, the essence lies in understanding and embracing our inherent divine potential. To initiate for God means embarking on a journey of growth—both spiritual and mental—allowing us to wield God-like creativity. Its time to rise beyond the ordinary, venture into the extraordinary, and begin your transformational journey toward the full stature of God’s likeness. As you invest in growth, the world will witness the God-kind of impact you were destined to make.

Beloved, within you lies an untapped reservoir of creative potential waiting to be unleashed. I want you to embrace the journey of growth, allowing your mind to be moulded into God’s likeness. It is through this growth that your thoughts, actions, and creations will resonate with divine purpose, allowing you to become an initiator for God’s extraordinary plans.

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