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Have you ever experienced a moment while reading the Bible when a verse suddenly comes alive, speaking directly to your heart? It’s like a spark of divine insight illuminating your understanding. This incredible experience is what we call revelation—a profound disclosure of knowledge from a divine or supernatural source.

Three Facets of Bible Revelation:

  1. The Spirit of the Word: In John 6:63, Jesus explains that the words He speaks are spirit and life. Beyond the literal meaning, the Scriptures carry a spiritual essence that quickens our souls and brings life to our understanding. It’s not just about the letter of the law; it’s about connecting with the spirit behind the words.
  2. The Word Becoming Flesh: When we encounter God’s Word, it goes beyond being mere ink on paper. In John 1:14, the Word becomes flesh and dwells among us. It becomes real to us, impacting our daily lives, and leading us to behold the glory and grace of our Heavenly Father.
  3. Tasting the Word: Jeremiah 15:16 beautifully describes the delight of tasting God’s Word. Like savoring a sumptuous feast, we find joy and rejoicing in His Word. It’s not just reading words; it’s experiencing the goodness and richness of the Lord.

Revelation is deeply personal—a unique encounter between you and God. While we can learn from others, we cannot fully profit from another person’s revelation. It requires an individual connection with the divine source.

How to Obtain Revelation from the Bible:

In Acts 8:30-31, we find a scene where a man is reading the Scriptures but seeks understanding. Philip, guided by the Holy Spirit, becomes his guide, helping him comprehend the Word. Similarly, human teachers can assist in unlocking the Scriptures, shedding light on their meaning.

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However, our ultimate goal is to grow spiritually and mature enough to sit under the direct teaching of the Holy Spirit. In Galatians 4:1-2, it’s likened to a child being under tutors and governors until they reach maturity. As we grow in our relationship with God, the anointing of the Holy Spirit within us becomes our divine teacher. He guides us into all truth and helps us discern the real meaning of the Scriptures.

So, embark on this personal journey of discovery. Seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit and immerse yourself in God’s Word with an open heart. As you do so, you’ll witness the divine unveiling of knowledge and understanding, bringing transformation to your life. Embrace the joy of revelation and abide in the wisdom of our loving Heavenly Father.

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