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The idea that God’s sole purpose for sending Jesus to earth is to usher humanity into heaven is a common misconception among many Christians. However, it is evident from the Bible that God’s love and interest extend far beyond heavenly salvation. The Scriptures unequivocally show that God has a divine purpose for this Earth, and it is a purpose He cherishes dearly.

In this post, we will explore what God’s word says concerning the depth of God’s love and involvement in the affairs of our world. We will uncover why God created the Earth, and why it continues to be a pivotal component of His grand design. In this journey, we will discover that God’s ultimate desire is not only to guide us to heaven but also to see us fulfill His purpose here on Earth.

The Earth as God’s Project

From the moment God created the heavens and the earth, His divine purpose for this world became evident. It was on the sixth day of creation that God breathed life into Adam, the first human being, and set the stage for His ongoing work in the world. God, being perfect and infallible, does not embark on projects that He does not intend to see to completion.

The Scriptures make it clear that God is deeply invested in this Earth, and His commitment to its success is unwavering. Psalm 24:1 (ISV) affirms this by stating, “The EARTH and everything in it exist for the LORD—the world and those who live in it.” This verse establishes a powerful foundation for understanding God’s interest in the world. It declares that everything on Earth, every creature, and every facet of our planet is created for the Lord.

God’s Love for the World

Many Christians believe that God’s love primarily concerns the salvation of souls. While salvation is a vital aspect of God’s love, the Bible reminds us that His love extends to the entire world, not just a spiritual realm. John 3:16 (ISV) encapsulates this profound truth: “For this is how God loved the WORLD: He gave his unique Son so that everyone who believes in him might not be lost but have eternal life.”

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This verse teaches us that God’s love is not limited to securing a place in heaven for humanity. It reveals that God’s love encompasses the entire world, and His desire is to transform it through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. While eternal life is a part of this love, it is not the exclusive focus. God’s love is all-encompassing, embracing the Earth and all its inhabitants.

God’s Will on Earth

The Lord’s Prayer, taught by Jesus Himself in Matthew 6:10 (ISV), holds a key revelation about God’s purpose for the Earth: “May your kingdom come. May your will be done, on EARTH as it is in heaven.” This prayer is more than a mere ritual; it is a blueprint for understanding God’s desire for His creation. It illuminates that God’s will extends beyond the heavenly realm and encompasses Earth as well.

By praying, “May your kingdom come. May your will be done.” we acknowledge God’s desire for His divine rule and purpose to manifest on Earth just as it does in heaven. This verse underscores that the Earth is not an afterthought in God’s grand plan but an integral part of it. God’s purpose is for the entire world to be a reflection of His divine will and a manifestation of His kingdom’s values.

The Significance of Earth in God’s Plan

Understanding that God’s primary interest is not solely in securing our place in heaven but also in our role on Earth is a transformative realization. This earth is not a mere waiting room for eternity but a pivotal stage where God’s purpose unfolds. The best place God wants us to be is not just in heaven but here on Earth to fulfill His will.

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In heaven, everything is perfectly aligned with God’s will, but the same cannot be said for Earth. Not everything on this planet fulfills God’s purpose. That is why He sent us here. As His followers, we have a significant role to play in bringing His divine will to fruition on Earth.


The Bible’s teachings unequivocally reveal that God’s interest in this world goes far beyond getting us to heaven. The Earth is not a disposable stage for human existence; it is God’s carefully crafted project, a canvas upon which He desires to paint His divine will and purpose.

Psalm 24:1 emphasizes that the Earth and everything in it exists for the Lord. John 3:16 portrays God’s love as extending to the entire world. Matthew 6:10 instructs us to pray for God’s will to be done on Earth just as it is in heaven. These verses, among many others, reveal the profound truth that God’s ultimate desire is for His kingdom to come on Earth, and for His will to be accomplished here.

As Christians, we must embrace our role as co-workers with God in His divine plan for the world. It is not enough to look forward to the joys of heaven; we must also engage in the transformation of this Earth. We should align it with the values and principles of God’s kingdom. In doing so, we not only secure our place in eternity but also participate in God’s ongoing project for the Earth. In light of this, let us remember that God’s interest in this world is more profound and extensive than we could ever imagine. It is a love that extends beyond salvation, beyond our earthly existence, and encompasses His grand plan for the Earth and all its inhabitants.

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