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The reason every successful person succeeds is that they live their lives doing what they love and are good at. That is, they live their lives working in their comfort zone.

Everyone has a comfort zone when it comes to living a life on purpose. You are created to work/serve but not to struggle. There is a difference between work and struggle. Work is enjoyable, while struggle wearies you.

The good and interesting thing is that God did not create anyone who has a solution or insight to every problem. So even if you think you know someone who is very insightful around you, don’t be intimidated. There is reserved for you your place of relevance if you will begin to thrive in your comfort zone.

What I mean by your comfort zone is where you perform most excellently without struggle. Here is a word of caution, don’t pursue what is in vogue if it’s not your comfort zone. If you are in the wrong place, everybody will be making progress except you. You will be dry of ideas because you are in the wrong place.

If don’t love what you do, there is no point in suffering yourself continuing in it. You can switch to what you love. It doesn’t matter how far you have traveled in that profession, if you are still struggling to make headway or if you are not performing well or always feeling low energy towards it, it’s time to locate your comfort zone and start investing there.

God’s idea for every man/woman is that you live a successful life and end a fulfilled person. You are not here to just make money. Money is good, but that is not the reason for your existence. You have a purpose to fulfill.

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Hear me, God’s purpose for your life will always be that which you will be comfortable accomplishing. God is not a wicked God, who will create a product for a function the product is not wired for. That is why you have been created with gifts that you need to fulfill your purpose.

We are all good at something, and the last time I checked, nobody has the ability to do all things excellently. So your place is reserved.

Don’t follow what is trending, if it’s not your comfort zone. Life is in phases. The bible says there is time for everything. So if your gift is not trending now, wait for a little, it will trend. As long as God places it in you. He knows there will be a problem for it to solve.

Staying in your comfort zone gives you the following benefits

1.                Instant celebrity – when your time comes if you remain consistent, people will look for you

2.                Fulfilled life – those who live in their comfort zone never retire because they find fulfillment in their work

3.                Your insight is sharpened – nothing enhances your creativity like staying in your comfort zone. Doing what you are gifted for enables you to see what ordinary people cannot see

4.                Increase your productivity- the more you do what you love, the better you will be at it. Because it’s your comfort zone, you are motivated to do more even at odd times

5.                You become a God person – God rewards those who make a profit with their gifts. So staying in your comfort zone enhances your productivity which in turn endears you to God.

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Two important things to note

1.                Be consistent in your comfort zone, even if nobody is celebrating you yet. Time will justify your effort.

2.                Be patient – the reason why many people leave their comfort zone and run after what is popular or trending is lack of patience. The get-rich-quick syndrome has made people miss their place in life

Lastly, you need Jesus in your life to be able to maximize your comfort zone. The life of God in you will position you for exploits in life.


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