A truth is not validated by who preached it. Every truth is validated by the Word of God

The following were written by Kenneth Hagin Jnr.

“We are not supposed to judge the truth of somebody’s teaching by whether or not he has a big name. We are supposed to study the Word of God ourselves to find out if that is what the Word says. And if it is what God’s Word says, it doesn’t make any difference if the preacher is famous or unknown.

There are many people teaching the truth of God’s Word today who are totally unknown. Neither you nor I nor anybody else has ever heard of them. In some cases, they haven’t been in the right place at the right time.

A pastor can get up in some Word church and teach, and everybody looks at one another out of the corner of their eye. They don’t want to say anything, but they really don’t go along with what he’s saying, so they hold back. Then Brother Hagin can get on the radio or in a crusade and start teaching the same thing and everybody will say, “Our pastor is right. He must have got that from Brother Hagin!” Yet the pastor may never have heard Brother Hagin or me teach on it.

What happened? We have the same Holy Spirit. We have the same Bible. And the Spirit of God can show that pastor something. Just because we preach it doesn’t give credibility to what he preaches.”

~ extracted from the book ” is your miracle passing you by”


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