“If Jesus is the Word of God, that means every part of Him has the power to effect healing in your life”.

Atmosphere of miracles

One of the major and outstanding miracles in the bible is the healing of a woman with issues of blood. The healing of this woman was outstanding, not because of the severity of her problem, but for the peculiarity of her action. She saw Jesus as more than just a miracle worker, but the “MIRACLE HIMSELF”. She was not looking for an opportunity to negotiate for her healing like the Syrophoenician woman (Mark 7: 26 – 30), she reached out for her healing as Jesus passed by. The attitude of this woman can be copied by anyone hungry for a miracle. The following sections explain the attributes of her action. Jesus is the Miracle everyone needs today.

#Proper conviction

The bible recorded that Jesus was on a different mission to raise Jairus’ daughter when the event happened (Luke 8:41-43). The woman was deeply convinced that her case is not difficult for God to solve. She was sure of the power that Jesus carried, and that all she needed was to touch the hem of His garment.

Without proper conviction, a woman in her condition wouldn’t have taken the risk to maneuver through the crowd to touch Him. Unlike this woman, many people are falling short of their miracle because they are only ‘trying out’ God instead of ‘trusting Him’. Having a proper conviction means you have an unshakable belief in God without any need for proof or evidence.

She did not say, “let me touch Him and see what may happen” or “let me see what touching Him looks like”. No, she touched Him on purpose “… For she said within herself, If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole.” Mat 9:21.

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#Strong Determination

The woman’s determination can be said to be a factor that determined her success. Her heart was made up to receive her healing and the only way available was the touching of the hem of Jesus’s garment. If you desire healing or a miracle from God, you must be determined to receive it. Those who have Jesus as one among other options cannot receive anything from Him (James 1:7). Strong determination can only happen when Jesus is your only and last option or solution available. Blind Bartimaeus had a strong determination for his healing and he got it (Mark 10:46-52). Don’t watch other people receive their miracle, be determined to receive yours.

#Corresponding Action

… When she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his garment (Mar 5:27)

No matter how strong your conviction is, without action, you will not experience the miraculous. Healing can happen in your body or life right now if you will back your belief with corresponding action.

I must let you know that this woman with the issue of blood did not find it easy or rosy in her quest for the touch.

According to Apostle Peter’s statement, he told Jesus about how multitudes thronged and pressed to touch Him. Knowing that this woman was sick will give you a glimpse of the horror she must have gone through before touching Jesus.

This is not to scare you, though, but to challenge you that the only person that can hinder your miracle is YOU. The devil cannot hinder you, your circumstance cannot hinder you, and you are the only one who can hinder yourself if you refuse to act.

How to touch Him today

Having read this far, you may be asking, where can I find Jesus to touch His garment? Dear friend, search no further, you have Jesus close to you. John chapter one told us that Jesus is the Word of God, and also in Revelations 19:13, Jesus’s name was called the “Word of God”. Now ‘if Jesus is the word of God, I can tell you that every part of the word has the effect to produce Healing in your life’.

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The centurion in Matthew 8:8 knew this when he asked for just one word from Jesus for the healing of his servant. You can be a bible carrier, reader, or preacher without having experience of the power it carries. Your miracle is not accessible until you have a proper conviction coupled with a strong determination to act on what God says about your healing.

Miracle happens every day, but only to those who have enough faith in the word of God. You don’t need to know the entire bible to receive a miracle or healing. Only one word is enough to effect that miracle in your life. Ask the Lord in prayer to open your eye to the portion of His word that you need for your healing. As you allow God’s word in your life, your healing and miracles are sure to come. Don’t let the devil rob you another day. Touch the hem of His garment today.


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