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The Bible: Two Testaments, One Amazing Journey

The Bible, God’s precious word, is split into two parts: the old and the new testament. This division is not a mere coincidence but part of God’s intentional plan. As Christians living under the new testament, we can’t cling to the old ways; we must embrace the new life it offers.

Imagine pouring new wine into old wineskins—it just won’t work! In the same way, the old and the new testaments have different promises and requirements. Galatians 3:16-29 tells us that God’s promises to Abraham and his seed, who is Christ, are fulfilled in the new testament. We are now God’s children through faith in Christ and heirs to these promises.

The blessing of Abraham is now accessible to us through faith in Jesus Christ. We are no longer justified by obeying the law. What does this mean? In Romans 7:6, it says we are freed from the law to serve in the newness of the spirit, not the oldness of the letter (the law). As believers under grace, our responsibility is to follow God’s plan through obedience to Christ, not just following a set of rules.

Trying to mold people with old rules can lead to confusion and move them away from God’s grace. The key to fulfilling the law is serving God with a new spirit. The new testament life is not about following a strict list of dos and don’ts; it’s about knowing and following the Holy Spirit. As a new testament believer, your responsibility is to know the Holy Spirit personally and follow His guidance.

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Romans 8:3-4 explains that the law couldn’t save us because of our weakness. But God sent His Son, Jesus, in human form to condemn sin and fulfill the law’s righteous requirements in us. When we walk according to the Spirit, not the flesh, we experience victory over sin.

To walk in the Spirit, we must yield freely to the Holy Spirit’s dynamic life and power. This means letting go of our self-centered desires. 2 Corinthians 3:5-6 emphasizes that our competence comes from God’s empowering presence. We are ministers of a new covenant, not bound by the letter of the law but empowered by the Spirit’s life-giving force.

Our ability to walk in the Spirit is closely tied to hearing and obeying His voice. In John 10:27, Jesus compares us to sheep who know His voice and follow Him. It’s all about followership—listening and obeying the Spirit’s guidance. This is the key to success as a Christian.

So, dear reader, the Bible is not just a book; it’s a transformative journey. Embrace the new life in Christ, guided by the Holy Spirit, and experience victory over sin. Let the Spirit empower your steps as you follow His voice, and you will discover a fulfilling and triumphant Christian life.


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